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Support Services Sector

The main tasks of the Support Services Sector include providing a number of effective and qualitative administrative and financial services, and contributing to ensure the success of DoF’s assigned role by the Executive Board to serve the government and the community of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The Directorate also identifies the needs of its customers within DoF, other external departments and business communities in the emirate.

The Support Services Sector also provides a range of support services to other DoF Directorates, including the development and adoption of new strategies and programs in the management of human resources and internal accounts. It also provides services such as buying materials and availing services needed by DoF, in addition to developing and managing public relations programs that inform audiences and customers about the essential and active role of DoF as a vital department in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It also provides legal consultation and services for DoF and its staff.

The Support Services Sector is headed by Mrs. SHAREEFA SAEED SALEM ALJABERI, who is assisted by sectional and divisional directors.

The Support Services Sector consists of the following Directorates, sections and offices:
Human Resources Division
Information Technology Division
General Services Section
Public Services Section
Internal Accounts Section
Domestic Purchasing Section
Legal Advisor Office

Human Resources Division

The main tasks of the Human Resources Division include providing consultation and assistance in completing personnel transactions and the requirements of various Directorates in the areas of manpower planning, recruitment, appointment, wages and benefits, employee relations management, career development and training services. It also provides services related to passports, work visas and residency for DoF staff. The division helps in developing and implementing new programs, systems and plans for human resources management in line with DoF’s mission and goal. It also works on meeting the needs and requirements of the various organizational units in particular.

The Human Resources Division consists of the following sections and offices:
Compensation Section
Talents Management Section (Recruitment)
Employees Relations Section
Governmental Relations Section
Training and Development Section
Housing Section
General Services Section
Public Relations Section
Domestic Purchasing Section
Legal Advisor Office
The main tasks of the Information Technology Division include providing all DoF's Directorates with state-of-the-art IT services, in addition to increasing business choices, improving decision making, providing a stable IT environment through accurate and timely information in the right manner. It provides high quality IT solutions in more convenient and cost-effective ways. The Directorate reduces operational costs while increasing efficiency and effectiveness through adopting automation.

The Information Technology Division provides IT systems and services to DoF Directorates and sections to implement multiple billing activities, prepares the general budget of the government, strengthens and improves the customs electronic management work, in addition to using the latest IT solutions for achieving DoF objectives. The tasks of the division include managing assets and information systems, as well as providing IT services of high quality. The Division designs, implements and supports DoF IT infrastructure.

The Information Technology Division is headed by Dr. Hazem Turki El Khatib who assisted by sectional directors.

The Information Technology Division consists of the following sections:
Projects Administration Office
Systems Administration Section
Information Security Section
Operations Section
Applications Section

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