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Independent Offices

Internal Auditing Office
The main tasks of the Internal Auditing Office include auditing all DoF Directorates, in addition to reviewing the quality and the effectiveness of various sections in the Directorates and assisting these sections to put and develop their work policies and procedures.
The Internal Auditing Office reviews the Directorates’ performance, assesses risks and ensures that DoF data, reports and various transactions are reflected accurately. The office checks the Directorates’ commitment to the approved policies and procedures while conducting their activities. The office also develops and implements annual work plans to audit the operations of various Directorates, in addition to following up on recommendations and steps taken to correct deviations and implement best global practices to identify risks that might face DoF. The office develops suitable solutions and suggestions that prevent the occurrence of such risks, thus ensuring the security of DoF automated programs and systems in service and the accuracy of work results.
The Internal Auditing Office is consisted of the following units:
  • Financial Auditing Unit
  • Risk Monitoring Unit

Strategic Planning Office
The main tasks of the Strategic Planning Office include planning short-, medium- and long-term strategies for DoF, in addition to developing performance indicators and measurement standards. The office develops organizational structures, advances manpower levels, updates the working methods /techniques and procedures for all DoF Directorates and units in Abu Dhabi.
The Office provides internal consulting services to the various Directorates and senior management with respect to matters of strategic planning, performance improvement and development of national competencies, in addition to adopting the best practices in the areas of administrative and organizational development; securing by this the optimum use of manpower.
The Strategic Planning Office is consisted of the following units:
  • Strategic Planning Unit
  • Institutional Development Unit
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