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Fiscal Policy and Budget Sector

The main tasks and responsibilities of the General Budgeting Sector include formulating timetable for budget preparation, issuance of policies, recommendations needed to be transferred to government departments at the start of budget preparation. It also reviews the budget estimates that are received from government departments to assess whether they are consistent with expenditure policies, in addition to observing the basic aspects that should be discussed later. It prepares the general budget of the government in light of the priorities and strategic objectives of government; in addition to monitoring the progress of implementation of the budget by using financial and monetary instruments. The Directorate analyzes and discusses the differences and the additional expenditures requirements with the relevant government departments to settle the matter.

The Sector is responsible for communicating and coordinating with local and federal departments and agencies relating to the management of the financial and monetary data, as well as financial and economic indicators. Part of the Directorate’s important mission includes leading, managing and motivating its human resources to achieve the highest levels of effective performance, in addition to creating an ideal regulatory environment and laying out organizational values that promote loyalty, excellence and leadership in their achievements. Through coordination with government agencies, the Directorate works on developing strategic performance of the government budgets, in addition to conducting financial and economic studies for the government of Abu Dhabi to ensure the efficient management of resources.

The General Budgeting Sector encourages the development of new ideas, which add value and also introduces procedural improvements. It implements key performance measures to enhance the overall effectiveness, quality and influence of work while preparing the budget. The Sector seeks to use the best global practices and applications specialized in financial, economic and strategic analysis of the public budget.

The General budgeting Sector continuously develops the public administration methodology and mechanism of formulating strategic regulatory frameworks for managing change. It also activates internal and external channels of communication within the framework of the strategic vision of the Department of Finance and the agenda of government policy. The Sector contributes to the development of the employee’s financial skills in the general budgeting Sector and government departments by organizing workshops and specialized training programs.

The Sector develops and implements plans, procedures and systems to secure the effective insurance coverage of government assets, in addition to monitoring and managing government investments. It guarantees the effectiveness of the delivery and receipt of assistance claims presented by government departments, in addition to cooperating and communicating on a continuous basis with the private sector to develop partnership, alliances, privatization and other mechanisms.

Mr. Abdul Aziz Al Hareb Al Yousef, the Deputy General Director, oversees the General Budgeting Sector with the support of a number of Directorates and Sections.

The Sector consists of the following Directorates and Sections:
Budget Preparation & Execution Directorate
Planning & Analysis Directorate
Government Assets & Properties Directorate
Archive and Administrative Support Section

Budget Preparation & Execution Directorate

Budget Preparation & Execution Directorate bears full responsibility while preparing, implementing and following-up the budget with all the beneficiary departments in the Government of Abu Dhabi. This is done by providing the necessary guidance for the stages of budget preparation and adopting constructive, flexible and creative methods while dealing with these departments. The Directorate monitors and controls the functioning of the budget and takes appropriate action when needed.

Budget Preparation & Execution Directorate is made up of the following sections:
Social Development Sector
Governmental Administration Sector
Economic Development Sector
Security and Justice Sector
Budget Coordination and Unification Sector

Planning & Analysis Directorate

The main tasks of the Planning and Analysis Directorate include the development of processes and techniques of assessing the government’s income and expenditure, in addition to conducting research and specialized studies on macroeconomics, privatization and economic feasibility of projects. This is in order to provide the best possible support in the process of future decision-making which would develop general policies in budget management.

Monitoring the implementation of the government’s budget is considered to be one of the most important responsibilities of this Directorate. The Directorate is also responsible for preparing reports and studies on the current trends of government expenditure from the budget. The Directorate is further responsible for preparing the quarterly financial performance reports on the types of different budgets, which are then submitted to the Executive Board. The Directorate also actively contributes to the preparation of the government annual general budget plan.

The Planning and Analysis Directorate consists of the following sections:
Budget Analysis Section
Researches & Studies Section
Monitoring & Follow Up Section
Government Assets & Properties Directorate

The Government Assets & Properties Directorate is responsible for studying and analyzing the government's support for the various bodies, in addition to the contributions to the government bodies. It follows up the preparation of the economic and social studies related to the activities of government support for the economic and social sectors. The Directorate also implements and assesses the relevant decrees and decisions to the local and international aids. Regarding the assets and properties of the government, the Directorate makes sure of the ability to provide insurance coverage to reduce the risks on assets, therefore minimizing related costs.

The Government Assets & Properties Directorate consists of the following sections:
Assets Section
Insurance Section
Local & International Aids Section
Contributions & Support Section
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