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DoF Functions

Executive Management

The Executive Management consists of the Department Chairman and Undersecretary, supported by their executive offices.

H.E. Jassem Mohammed Buatabh Al Zaabi is the Chairman of the Department of Finance.

Fiscal Policy

The Fiscal Policy team makes recommendations on fiscal policy by updating fiscal plans which balance the objectives of fiscal sustainability and macroeconomic stability. In this capacity, the team maintains and upgrades its economic models so that it can forecast the economic implications of its fiscal policy recommendations and examine various risk scenarios and give further advice on how the risks should be dealt with. The Fiscal Policy team is also the locus of economics expertise in the Department of Finance and reviews and gives an analysis of other issues of an economic nature.

Treasury & Government Accounts

The Treasury and Government Accounts teams manage the function of government treasury and secure the necessary liquidity to finance government expenditure and control bank accounts of government agencies. Further, they formulate unified accounting policies, issue reports, and manage all electronic accounting systems for Abu Dhabi's governmental agencies.


The Budgeting team formulates and studies the general budget, approves it and will follow-up on its implementation. Additionally, the Budgeting team monitors performance against the budget and creates opportunities for improvement.

Government Revenues

The Government Revenues team oversees tax and non-tax revenue across Abu Dhabi government entities in accordance with the Abu Dhabi Fiscal Plan, to maximize returns and diversify sources to enhance economic growth.

Government Investments

The Office of Government Investments is mandated with: developing the Government Ownership Policy (GOP) to articulate the expectations of the Shareholder with respect to its investments, conducting ongoing performance assessment of the Government Investments portfolio, and providing guidance to DOF Leadership on strategic and financial matters both in relation to the portfolio and beyond. This Office is also responsible for managing numerous strategic projects on behalf of the Department.

Debt Management

The Debt Management team is responsible for the overall debt and contingent liabilities management of the government of Abu Dhabi. It delivers its mandate with a focus on cost and risk optimization under the current credit rating parameters. The DMO is also responsible for the investor, rating agency, and financial institution relations and the coordination of the borrowing activities of government-owned and government-related enterprises.

Commercial Buildings

The Commercial Buildings team is responsible for managing commercial building and investment land loans granted to UAE citizens in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Independent Units

DoF functions are supported by a number of independent units that serve to cut across the organization:

  • Internal Audit Office
  • Financial Reporting & Control
  • Communications; and
  • Strategic Planning

Financial Systems Technology

The Financial Systems Technology team aims at adopting advanced IT applications and secure infrastructure that enables the delivery of business operations. It supports interoperability—achieving Government-wide integrated financial planning and management systems using world-class applications and technology infrastructure.

Support Services

The Support Services team provides operational and administrative services to other functions within DoF in the areas of Human Resources, Knowledge Management, General Services, Procurement, Internal Accounts and Legal Affairs.

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